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Dariush Darvish-Tabar

Dariush Darvish-Tabar is a follower of a family tradition from Persia and the first handmade Persian carpet trader in Greece.

"We are the fourth generation"

He continues as a fourth generation the tradition of his family in handmade carpets. Since 1978 he has been in Greece and through Darius Carpets he recommends the Greek buyer the value and the beauty of the Persian carpets. Through his knowledge and experience he provides us with valuable advice to get to know and love the most beautiful and exquisite traditional art of the East.

About us

Persian carpets are the ultimate achievement of Iranian folk culture. They make the true expression of the soul and everyday life of the Iranian people. Since 1978 we have "romantically" insisted on handmade Persian rugs. We are the official representative of Iran's state-owned handmade carpet promotion agency (E.T.F.A.) for Greece and Southeast Europe.

In our site you will find the largest variety of Persian carpets both in terms of species and quality, as well as prices. At Darius Carpets you will find the carpet that fits perfectly in your space and budget. The price of an authentic carpet varies and is determined by its quality, scarcity and origin. But there are always offers and payment facilities so that one can get the carpet he wants. We guarantee this investment by providing, beyond the authenticity certificate, a twenty-year guarantee with the signature of E.T.F.A. Additionally, at any time you want us to buy back your carpet, not only in its capital but also returning 10% of its extra value. The authenticity of our commodity and our love for our species has proved its worth by making D.C. as the official supplier of the Presidential Palace and the company that for so many years you all love and trust.

Thank you

The members of Darius Carpets