After Sale Services

Beyond the sale, D.C. provides cleaning, care and carpet repair services. You can always book an appointment to pick up and return the carpets to your place. Please call us to let you know about our pricelist and of course to give you the answers you need in your concerns.


The repairs department operates all year round and offers repair services for any type of carpet and any problem that may arise in it. Our skilled artisans know the art of creating the handmade carpet and are best suited to repair the wear and tear that may occur due to use on a carpet. We repair these damages within a certain amount of time and at the most reasonable prices, depending on the need of each carpet.


Along with the repairs section, our cleaner works to clean and refresh your carpets. For the cleaning of carpets we use strictly natural products, friendly to the environment and to people as we follow the traditional Persian style of cleaning, while drying is traditionally done with long-lasting sun exposure, where the carpet colors come alive.


The carpets that are cleaned or repaired by us are returned directly to you or alternatively remain at an extra cost to our insured and our specially designed spaces. Of course, especially during the summer season, storage can be done independently of cleaning and repair.